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Vehicle Insurance

Driving can be risky, but choosing the right insurance agency isn't.

We at Quetta Insurance know that there are inherent risks involved while operating any type of vehicle whether it is a car or truck. A constant tension exists between the need for driving and the danger that exists on every road and we aim to eliminate that tension by offering auto insurance Rhode Island residents can rely on.

Affordable, Reliable Insurance Choices.

Primarily, an auto insurance policy will provide protection for two types of scenarios: physical damage and liability. Any time you are involved in a car accident whether it’s single car or involves multiple vehicles, chances are your vehicle and someone else’s will incur damages. Our auto insurance will provide financial coverage for your vehicle as well as any others involved in the accident if you are found to be at fault.

Benefits Include:

  •  Teen Driver Discounts
  •  Full Glass Protection
  •  Gap Insurance
  •  New Car Replacement
  •  24 Hour Road Side Assistance

About Quetta Insurance


With more than six years in finance and 11 years in the insurance industry, Anthony Quetta understands the diverse needs of families, homeowners and business owners in his native Rhode Island and surrounding communities in Connecticut. Anthony was born and raised in Providence where he graduated from Classical High School.

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