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Property Insurance

Let Quetta Insurance help you protect your most valuable asset.

Most lenders in Rhode Island will require you to purchase home insurance in order to protect the mortgaged property. But even if you do not have a mortgage on your house, you should still carry the right homeowners insurance. We offer a wide variety of home insurance options to suit all types of homeowners.

Affordable, Reliable Insurance Choices.

There are a few things to keep in mind when deciding how much insurance you need. If you are a homeowner with a lot of assets, for instance, you will want more liability coverage in case of a lawsuit. If you live in a flood prone area, you may be required to have flood insurance. And in most cases, your lender will also dictate how much insurance is required on your home.

Benefits Include:

  •  No Hurricane Deductible
  •  Total Replacement Cost
  •  New Home Buyer Discounts
  •  Coastal Properties
  •  Landlord Policies
  •  Vacant Policies

About Quetta Insurance


With more than six years in finance and 11 years in the insurance industry, Anthony Quetta understands the diverse needs of families, homeowners and business owners in his native Rhode Island and surrounding communities in Connecticut. Anthony was born and raised in Providence where he graduated from Classical High School.

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