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Life Insurance

Trust Quetta Insurance when it come to your family.

Life insurance can come in many forms. Because it is so flexible and can include an array of variables, many residents are confused as to what it actually covers. Thankfully, our agency has the information you need so you can properly explore life insurance options without any headaches.

Affordable, Reliable Insurance Choices.

You may already understand that life insurance essentially provides financial support to beneficiaries after a loved one passes away, but what exactly is included? Many think that when a family member passes away the family of the deceased is awarded a buyout that has accumulated over time. In fact, life insurance offers a lot more than just a simple payout. Customers can tailor their life insurance to properly plan for their future estate.

Benefits Include:

  •  Term Life
  •  Whole Life
  •  Universal Life
  •  Disability

About Quetta Insurance


With more than six years in finance and 11 years in the insurance industry, Anthony Quetta understands the diverse needs of families, homeowners and business owners in his native Rhode Island and surrounding communities in Connecticut. Anthony was born and raised in Providence where he graduated from Classical High School.

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